Auto blitz hunter

auto blitz hunter

An imitation of RO's Auto - Blitz Hunter. Highly utilizes First Strike skill from Falconer C3 (Archer > Quarrel Shooter > Quarrel Shooter > Quarrel. From the noble place of Payon, comes the deadliest hunters. int = 45 (for your falcon damage) luk = 51 (adds to your chance of AUTO - BLITZ!). Take note a hunter max lvl 99 Which do you think is most suitable for an autoblitz HUNTER? and do you think it is viable for a sniper? a) Agi Blitz Hunter /Sniper Build.

Auto blitz hunter - Das

I forgot the DEF values of the equips, can someone please help me with those? To increase Crit attack. Either find a way to make it DEX or adjust it to leave it at This stat also determines the hit rate and adds a bit to aspd. PVM GUIDE FOR WIZARDS Build and Basic Equipment Wizards are powerful offensive magic users that nuke the hell out of their enemies GH Under prison GH Church yard Greatest General Flora sa Mt. Contact Us heRO-Server Return to Top Return to Content Lite Archive Mode RSS Syndication. auto blitz hunter

Auto blitz hunter - investment

P The same goes for the Eggyras that are also in that map. Gears, I assume you're new so for the gears: PvP Player versus Player War of Emperium War of Emperium 2. The hawk cannot use the unlearnt skill. Quick Reply To Top Return to the list.



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